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Growing instructions for Fernside Microfarm Seed packs


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You'll need:


  • Soil or growing medium. We recommend seed raising mix or vege mix for best results.

  • Optional - a water spray bottle


1. Measure out how much seed you'll need (this will depend on how big your tray or pot is). Tip: Microgreens grow quite intensely. For best results, you'll need enough to sprinkle the seeds thickly over the surface of the tray or container.

Pea and Sunflower seeds need to be soaked in room temperature water for around 12 hours. Do not soak the Microgreen Blend seeds.


Place the seeds in a bowl and fill with water (so that pea seeds are covered) and leave for 12 hours. You'll need about 4 x more water than seeds. After soaking, place in a sieve or colander and rinse thoroughly under the tap.

2. Prepare your planting tray/pot by filling with soil to about 3/4 full. Firm down gently.

3. Sprinkle your seeds in a thick layer and cover with a thin layer of soil - no more than 1cm thick.

4. Place the tray or pot on a windowsill in sunlight, or if it is spring or summer, you can place outside on the patio.

5. Keep the soil moist but not too wet. We recommend using a spray bottle of water to keep the soil moist until the microgreens break the surface of the soil, and then adding water to the saucer/bottom tray when required (approx. once a day).

6. Microgreens are ready to harvest when they are 9-14 days old . Use scissors to cut seedlings at the bottom of the stem.

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