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Vertical microfarm specialising in Microgreens
North Canterbury, New Zealand


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What is all the fuss about microgreens?

Different fresh microgreens isolated on
The ultimate sustainable superfood

You've likely seen these little vibrant pops of goodness garnishing restaurant plates, topping your café eggs benny, or hiding alongside the hoard of vegetables at your local farmers market. 

Microgreens are mini seedlings of various vegetables and herbs harvested at the beginning of their growth cycle to achieve a superior concentration of nature's nutrients. Delivering up to 40x the vitamins and minerals than their fully grown counterparts, microgreens super-charge your meals, juices, smoothies or salads, or are a delicious snack all on their own!


Microgreens are packed with intense, unique and complex flavor and texture profiles.

Sweet, spicy, crunchy, cool, zesty and fresh; there is a micro combination to suit any palate


Don't be fooled by the name, Microgreens pack a serious nutirional punch with 4 to 40 x the nutritional benefit of fully grown vegetables!

And because you eat them raw,  you aren't boiling or baking out the nutrients like you would with cooked mature veges

visual appeal

How cute are these little plants?!

Microgreens come in so many shapes and colours, but only one size - Micro! Their adorable appeal makes them one of the trendiest products in the culinary world


Our microgreens are grown using vertical farming practices, meaning we are 'micro' in size  compared to regular produce farms. 

Due to the super fast growth cycle, we use less water and zero sprays!

We aim to be fully solar by 2025 to keep our footprint to a minimum

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