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A perfect combination of our four primary microgreens (Pea, broccoli, sunflower and radish) combined with our weekly specialty microgreens.


Specialty microgreens are Red Cabbage, Mizuna mustard, Cilantro, Beet, Kale.


Each week we change our blend, but if you simply love LOVE LOVE! our specialty, let us know. We can grow some just for you :)


Mixed Blend Micro

PriceFrom $5.50
  • Keep refrigerated

    Rinse under cold water before use

    Use within 7 days of delivery/harvest date

    As conditions vary in refrigerators, we recommend placing a paper towel under the microgreens if there is moisture in the pack, or a damp paper towel in the pack under the microgreens if they appear to be drying out

    For a super crispy micro, drop them in cold water and shake dry before serving

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