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We think Microgreens are just the best! And we want to show you how you can grow your own at home. We have sourced the best microgreen seeds (we use them!) and have put together step by step instructions here on our website - 


These little beauties are so easy to grow in a warm spot (like a windowsill in the sun in winter, or a patio in the summer). We think you'll love having your own little microfarm at home, with freshly cut microgreens at almost every meal. 


Sweet and crunchy, Pea microgreens are a crowd favourite (and even a hit with kids!). Their fresh taste and unique texture make them one of our most popular varieties. 
The cool tendrils and crisp green & white colours look amazing as a garnish, to liven up your salads or simply on their own as a healthy snack

Microgreen Pea Seeds - 200g

  • If you aren't completely satisfied with your microgreen seeds, please let us know by emailing We will arrange a replacement or refund

    1. We strive to be completely plastic free by the end of 2021
    2. Our microfarm will be 100% solar powered by the end of 2025
    3. We aim to deliver by PHEV/EV (electric powered vehicle) by the end of 2022
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