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A delicious combination of our four primary microgreens (Pea, broccoli, sunflower and radish) and our specialty microgreens. Try a bit of everything!


We can customise your order (i.e more radish, less brocolli) to your taste if you are on a weekly subscription service.


You can pause your subscription any time!


We deliver the combo in a reusable airtight container.


Micro Subscription 240g

Price Options
Micro Sub
Subscribe and save!
$20.00every week until canceled
  • Keep refrigerated

    Rinse under cold water before use

    Use within 7 days of delivery/harvest date

    As conditions vary in refrigerators, we recommend placing a paper towel under the microgreens if there is moisture in the pack, or a damp paper towel in the pack under the microgreens if they appear to be drying out

    For a super crispy micro, drop them in cold water and shake dry before serving

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